Staff // Discipline

The Lead Pastor is the boss.  I know a lot of staff members believe they only work for God.  That is true, but they also have a “physical” employer that has the responsibility of leading the church/organization, which includes staffing decisions.

The Lead/Senior Pastor has the responsibility of handling the staff.  This responsibility may transfer as the church grows to an Executive Pastor or to another staff member who is overseeing paid staff.

No one likes discipline (Heb. 12:11), but it is essential to personal growth.  Any my job as a Lead Pastor is to help our staff grow.

How to discipline?

1.  Privately.
2.  Immediately.
3.  Directly.
4.  Lovingly.

Simple process.  Harder to carry out!  I blow it.  Yep, but I am always working on my managerial skills.  I want to be the best BOSS possible.

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