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I have always been privileged of working in churches where I have been given something extremely valuable.  In fact, I believe it is irreplaceable!  What is it?  Opportunity!  Opportunity is a critical component in growth.  If I want the team at The Point to grow I have to give them opportunity.

One of the definitions of opportunity is “a favorable condition to reach a goal.”  It is my driving ambition to recognize, release and reward leaders!  Not for my benefit but for theirs.  If I can build leaders then I know that The Point will grow.  It is a byproduct.  But it can’t be the #1 goal!

I love giving people opportunity!  And when they achieve it (whatever “it” is) I love it even more!

Wrong reason to give someone an opportunity >> for your benefit!

Right reason to give someone an opportunity >> for their benefit!

Give someone an opportunity this week!

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