"One Month to Live"

I am extremely excited about the One Month to Live teaching series that we will start on October 4th.  It is a must for our Point Family to be a part of – it will definitely cause some personal growth!

Here’s what you need to start thinking about:

onemonthtolive-copy1.  Faithful attendance each Sunday in October.  Make every effort to be part of the 4 Sundays in the month of October.

2.  Purchasing the “One Month to Live” Book.  The cost is $15 per book.  They will be available on Sunday.

3.  Joining a Small Group.  Please go to our “What’s Next” page and select from one of our many options.

What if you only had 30 days to live?  What would it look like?

Can’t wait to see what God does in our lives during this journey!

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