Expectations for our Team

Several months ago I read a blog from Mark Batterson about the “7 Expectations for Staff.”  So as our staff at The Point is growing I thought that I would develop my own expectations.

1) I expect mutual commitment. We are a team.  Team members must count on each other.  We must have a commitment to each other and a commitment to the mission!  My commitment to our team is personal growth, ministerial growth and accountability!

2) I expect spiritual consistency. This does not mean that we will always be exactly where we need to be, but we must be consistent in our commitment to spiritual growth.  Because our mission is extremely spiritual we must be spiritually aware and excelling.

3) I expect excellence. We will not always hit our “A” game, but that must be our goal.  God created us in excellence.  I am glad that he did not short-change us.  Let’s continue to build our “dreams.”  Let’s never be happy with status quo.  Let’s live above the minimum.

4) I expect failure. If we are not failing from time to time we are not attempting anything beyond us.  However, failure cannot be an excuse due to laziness.  If we work hard and fail it is okay.  Failure is a pathway to success!

5) I expect smiles. We must have a happy disposition.  That does not mean we “cover up” our true feelings, but we work through them.  Whether on Sundays or work days we must enjoy what we do.  Have fun!!!  We get to do what others dream of doing.

6) I expect integrity.  At all times we must live with the deepest sense that “God is waching us.”  He is.  Let’s raise standards.  We will never be perfect but the Bible teaches us to strive for it (“be holy for I am holy”).

7) I expect constant communication.  Be proactice.  Don’t wait until last minute.  You cannot overcommunicate.  Don’t be caught without communication.  It is what will limit us from misunderstandings and conflict.

8) I expect longevity.  I don’t want to have staff turnover.  I want to see our current staff experience the longterm story of The Point!

9) I expect love! Our team’s success will be largely be based on our relationships.  Let seek to create a genuine family.  Love is our ultimate goal!

Expectations are not always met, but they are certainly our aim!

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