Sunday Night Service Survey

Over the last week we have been collecting the results from our online survey.  Our team is looking at the possibilities of launching a Sunday Night option.  Of course, we will still have Sunday mornings.  Here’s some of the results.

1.  How do you feel about the Point starting a Sunday night option?

23.7% – I want to help
47.4% – I am excited to attend
15.8% – I have no opinion
13.2% – I am not interested

2.  What do you feel would be the best time on Sunday nights?

40.5% – 6:00 pm
18.9% – 6:30 pm
40.5% – 7:00 pm

3.  Both services (Sunday AM and PM) would be identical.  Which one are you most likely to attend more regularly?

62.2% – Sunday AM
37.8% – Sunday PM

4.  What matters most in deciding what service to attend?

51.4% – personal schedule

5.  What matters the least?

75.7% – The Building (theater, church, gym etc)

6.  Would you be willing to experiment with us and attend the launch of the Sunday night option?

64.9% – Yes
13.5% – No
21.6% – Maybe

Thank you to everyone who completed the survey.  It was the largest, quickest response we have had to any survey we have done at The Point.  Awesome.

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