OMTL Kicks off Sunday

On Sunday we are launching our new teaching series, “One Month to Live.”  What if you only had one month to live. What changes would you make in your life?

With eye-opening insights and soul-inspiring truths, One Month to Live challenges listeners to embrace the life God has entrusted to them and to live it out moment by moment with wholehearted authenticity, honesty and integrity.

one-month-to-live-thirty-days-to-a-no-regrets-lifeHere’s HOW you can get the best out of the OMTL series:
1.  Attend the Sunday services.
2.  Join a Small Group.
3.  Read the OMTL Book. Purchase on Sunday for $15.
4.  Read The Point’s BLOG – to be inspired by staff thoughts.
5.  Follow the Staff on twitter.

I am excited about this 5-week series.  I know you will be to.  If you have any questions please contact the office 516.280.2737.

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