Reward and Repeat

This weekend was a BUSY weekend at The Point.  We had a lot going on … typically it does not get any lighter either.  We are always trying new ways and implementing new ideas.

What did we do this weekend?

1.  We hosted a training seminar for Worship Leaders.  About 24 leaders and team members from 6 different churches came together for relationship and training.  Amazing day!

2.  We kicked off our new teaching series, “ONE MONTH TO LIVE.”  It was a great service.  God was there.

3.  We held a worship concert with Aaron Crider in Port Washington, NY @ The Landmark Theater.  A great opportunity for people to express their love to God in music.

Yes, it was a BUSY weekend, but very rewarding.

So what does a Lead Pastor do to show his staff appreciation?  Reward them.  If your staff is working hard you have to give them some incentives.  You may not be able to drop loads of cash, but you can certainly give them PAID time off.  You heard it right – PAID TIME OFF or Comp Time.

Why?  What gets rewarded gets repeated!

Love the hard work and diligence our staff brings to The Point EVERY single week!!!!

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