I love the staff at The Point!  I mean I truly love them.  They all go above and beyond to make The Point a “church like no other.”  And it is!  Today, our team is taking a SURPRISE ROAD TRIP >> A 2-Hour Team Building Excursion!

Why do a Team Building event?

1.  Off-site adventures help to build the team.

2.  It creates an opportunity for deeper friendships!

3.  It helps to develop a sense of creativity.

4.  It becomes a learning module.

5.  It also becomes a team memory.  These are critical.

6.  It allows us to look at the scoreboard.  How are we doing?

7.  It let’s the team have FUN.  Church must be FUN!!!

Can’t tell you what we are doing.  I am sure you will see the staff twitter and facebook about it later today!

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