1 Accident – 3 Opportunities

It is so awesome to see how God uses every situation and story in our life as an opportunity – even the “not-so-good” moments of our daily lives can be redeemed for divine purposes.  Driving home from work on Monday I was involved in an auto accident on the Southern State Parkway – a “not-so-good” moment, but it created a ripple effect of faith sharing moments.

1.  I was able to share with the other driver about life and The Point just after the accident.

2.  I was able to share with the tow truck driver about sports and The Point.

3.  I was able to share with the rental car worker about life, Jesus and The Point.

One accident led to three faith sharing opportunities. It may sound crazy, but I would not change the events of Monday.  Everything happens for a purpose – be open to see it!

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