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We believe that Baptism should be a celebration more than a ceremony. Baptism is our way of telling our friends and family that we have chosen to follow God with our lives. So we believe that you should invite your friends and family to enjoy your step with us. With that we will create an environment for understanding and explanation. Immediately following the Baptism we will have Celebration.


1. Every person who has believed in Christ.
“Those who believe and accepted His message were baptized…” (Acts 2:41)

2. At The Point, we wait until our children are old enough to believe and understand the true meaning of baptism before we baptize them.
Some churches practice a “baptism of confirmation” for children. This ceremony is intended to be a covenant between the parents and God on the behalf of the child. The parents promise to raise their child in the faith until the child is old enough to make his own personal confession of Christ. This custom began about 300 years after the Bible was completed. This is different from the baptism talked about in the Bible, which was only for those old enough to believe.

We place no age restrictions on the children because we believe that their parents will fully confirm that their child is ready. The purpose is to publicly confess your personal commitment to Christ.


As soon as you have believed.
“Those who believe…were baptized…that day!” (Acts 2:41)

NEXT BAPTISM:  Sunday, November 22 @ 2:00 pm // Beacon Church – E. Williston, NY

EMAIL nick@pointchurch.tv to register to be BAPTIZED!!!

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