The Power of Focus

Distractions – they come from all directions.  Have you ever made your “to do” list only to find out your list was changed by circumstances or a boss or a family member.  I have.  It is in those times that I have to FOCUS on the goal for the day.  I am slightly OCD.  I have my “to do” lists and goals for the day, for the week, for the month and for the year!

Why do I set goals?  It gives me focus.  I need focus.  Focusing on a goal is extremely liberating!  It frees me from distractions.

So what should I focus on?
* Your relationship with God.
* Your family.
* Your friends.
* Your education or employment.
* Sharing your faith story with people.
* Your calling.

Find some focus today.  Get your spiritual vision prescription and focus on what matters!

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