A Winning Record

I have 3 teams that I follow in the NFL – NY Jets, SF 49ers and the Minnesota Vikings.  Yesterday, only 1 team that I am cheering on won.  Pretty bad day.  Although the Jets & 49ers played respectfully they still lost.  I follow the Vikings because I am a die-hard Brett Favre fan – love him or hate him he is a legend.  In football a W-L record is vitally important to a teams chance of making the playoffs – especially their divisional record.

Here’s the thing we are on a better team that has never lost a game – Jesus’ team.  Sounds corny, but it is true.  I am so thankful that even when my teams have a bad week the REAL team I love always WINS!

Yesterday was an amazing day at The Point – packed theater, lots of guests, great music and a message that seemed to inspire the audience.  Here’s the cool thing – 2 people made decisions for Jesus!  That’s a win!

I love what I do!

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