Point C & B

In two weeks we will be holding our “first” official business meeting at The Point.  We are sooooo excited about taking this next step.  This business meeting will be to legally Incorporate the church, approve our Constitution and Bylaws and ratify our Church Council.

Why Incorporate (just 2 solid reasons)?

1.  Limited Liability – corporation is responsible, not individual members.

2. Legal Existence – we can buy, sell, sue and hold title.

We have been announcing the meeting for some time – because of our excitement!

ALL MEMBERS SHOULD ATTEND THIS MEETING – Sunday, November 15 @ 11:30 am.

Please download the Constitution and Bylaws and review.  Please ask all questions by Friday, November 13 so that we can provide adequate answers and expedite the Business Meeting on Sunday.

We will also be ratifying our selected Church Council:
* Ed Bellomo
* Luis Figueroa
* Jeff Owen


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