Rethinking Missions

Missions.  It is the call of every believer and church to pray, give and go.  The Point has been a missions-passion church since prior to our first offering.  We made a commitment that 10% of every dollar that is collected would be sent to missions – local and global.  This year we are a few thousand dollars ahead of last years giving.

But there has been a problem.  Many of the missionaries we were supporting provided NO updates.  We had, and for some still don’t, have any idea where our investment has gone and what the fruit was.  I mean, who invests in something that they have no clue what the return is?  No one.  I believe some of our missionaries have taken for granted new, young churches – they rely on “present” giving instead of “long-term” support.  What will happen to these missionaries when pastoral change takes place?

The younger generation of pastors are looking for relationship and results.  It’s that simple.  So our church is rethinking missions.  We will no longer send out our resources to missionaries who do not communicate with us.  So we are restructuring our missions strategy.

50% of the missionaries we supported in the beginning of 2009 we will not be supporting in 2010.  Isn’t that sad. 1/2 of our missionaries did not update us on what God is doing in their area of ministry.  So our staff has been meeting with NEW missionaries.  We are assessing and determining which missionaries we want to support.  In fact, we will end up supporting MORE missionaries and giving MORE funding than previously.  We are not regressing in missions we are progressing!

Here’s our criteria:

1.  We want relationship. We truly desire to KNOW our missionaries – to actually be friends.  We want to be able to spend time with them, hang with them, speak with them without having to talk missions.

2.  We want communication. We want to KNOW what God is doing.  We want the reports of lives changed by the presence of God.  No – we don’t want an update every day, but we do want updates.

Missions is God’s heartbeat.  That can happen locally and globally.  We are excited about the opportunity to give to missions and have already set a larger goal for 2010.

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