Interesting & Unintentional

What a Sunday we had at The Point!  You could truly sense the presence of God in the theater.  Worship was amazing.  Message seemed to connect!  We had a record November attendance!  I love it when things can be “less than perfect” in a service, but God still makes sense of it all.  It was an interesting morning!

Here’s some fun facts:

1.  Our drum monitor would not work!  Great job Nick working through it!

2.  The left side of the Main Speakers did not work at all.  Interesting thing – hardly anyone noticed!

3. Our Visual Tech could not make it.  I ran the entire video elements schedule from my iphone – yep “there’s an app for that.”

4.  I walked away from my notes.  “Yesterday at Paintball I shot one of our guys in the chest on accident from 10 feet away.  He now has four nipples.  Can I say the “n” word in church?”  Lots of laughs.  First time that ever happened.

5.  As I was finishing the message – bringing people to a place of decision – the pre-show for the theater came on.  Well, at least the music.  Flowed with it.  Some people thought it was planned.

None of the above was planned.  It happened.  The cool thing is God was still there.  He works and moves beyond us and often in spite of us.  I love it when God reveals that he “chose the foolish things of the world” – that was so true yesterday!

Don’t you love God’s sense of humor?

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