Let me share with you a simple law of physics.  It’s this. Water boils at 212 degrees.  Water does not boil at 200, 205 or even 211 degrees.  It is specific.  It requires 212 degrees to get the water pulsating.  Water can be 1 degree from the boiling point!  The same is true spiritually!  We can be 1 degree from being in the sweet spot of God’s will for our lives.  The hot spot from living an above-average-spiritual life!

The goal of The Point is to see all of us living a 212 life!  No settling.  Our prayer as a team is to see us all moving forward in our spiritual life!

Our staff has been creating/developing a spiritual growth strategy for 2010.  We will be unveiling it soon.  It has been something we have been working on for a few weeks!  If you want to take your life with God to 212 then get involved and experience The Point at full temp in 2010.

(You don’t have to wait).

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