Portable Solutions

The portable church is faced with lots of pro’s and even a few con’s.  I think the positives far outweigh the negatives – by far.  One of our core values is that the church should find itself in the marketplace – that requires being portable (for most).  That’s why we meet in a movie theater!  We love it!

After nearly 2 years of setting up and tearing down every week I am not tired or frustrated.  In fact, this increases our volunteer involvement.  We are used to it!  To be honest it seems like another day at the office.

Last week we had some sound challenges.  This week we brought in the tools and repaired our ailing sound system.  Most of what we have is used and aging.  So the Pastor turned Technician this week to troubleshoot and help repair – we did it!  Sound was GREAT!

For every problem the portable church faces it forces us to be creative.  And we often have to be re-creative!

So if you are portable here’s my advice:

1.  Enjoy the journey.
The church is not about buildings.  It is about people.  Don’t wish for what God has not provided yet – be content where you are, with what you have.

2. Honor your volunteers.
Thanks them and thank them often.  Be the most grateful you can possibly be without be cheesy.  But at times cheesy is a good thing.

3. Stay in the marketplace.
Don’t shift your ministry focus – marketplace ministry is part of the new wave of outreach.  We must be visible.  Not on a side street where no one knows our name – kind of sounds like CHEERS!

4. Let your people be your biggest promotion.
Allow your church to be the marketing tool – don’t focus on large marketing schemes (all the time).   63.6% of our guests come because they were invited by a friend or family member – 25% from movie ad/facebook ads – 9.1% from our website – 1.5% from an invite card.  All these are from our online survey (not all guests completed).

5. Celebrate all along the way.
Create altars to remind you of what God is doing IN you and THROUGH you … and more than that IN your church and THROUGH your church.  Find reasons to party hard – to celebrate the portable nature of your church.

Moses led a portable church.  Can you imagine that?  Leading a truly portable group of 1-2 million people.  I guess the portable church is not as new as people may assume.

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