Social Networking Offenses

Okay.  Here goes a big rant.  How do you handle being offended via a social network?  From time to time I have read posts, blogs, status updates and comments that have been somewhat “offensive.”  Obviously, not all – in fact, 99% of those I follow give positive updates about life and I love reading them.  But occasionally there are some.

Social Networking Protical:

1. Remember what you say is PUBLIC online.  You are not having private conversations.  I have seen some pretty deep, personal posts – some should remain private.

2. We should not set aside GOOD CHARACTER in our comments.  Some feel they can say anything they want online – the truth if we will not say it DIRECTLY to the individual then maybe it is better off unsaid.

3. Never settle for facebook friends or twitter followers instead of REAL LIFE RELATIONSHIPS.  There are some that qualify their life by how many friends they have – it’s true!  We cannot lose our face-to-face interaction as people.

When offended by something you read on someone’s page we still have a responsibility to respond in the way Jesus advised – “Go to them personally, first.”  This does not mean you post a negative, attacking comment on their wall, but you send them an private, inbox message.  Being online does not mean our Christianity goes offline – we still have to be governed by God’s Word.

I will offend you and you will offend me.  That’s part of life.  Let’s make sure we handle them the way Jesus would.  The internet is no excuse for poor Christianity.  Let’s model Jesus advice.

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