GiveFest: Living Beyond Me

I am trying to out-give God!  It’s true.  The problem is – it’s not working!  You cannot out-give God!  It is impossible!  Here’s the thing: Mary and I made a pledge to the Living Beyond Me Special Offering.  It was more than we could afford.  I shared with The Point staff what we as a family were giving toward the $40,000 goal.  Within 2 weeks after writing the check God has replenished that amount plus 5 extra bucks!  That’s God’s sense of humor.  So Mary and I decided to double our donation because we are living in a GiveFest with God!

As you are considering what you will give in our Special Offering:

1.  Give beyond your abundance.  Don’t just give what you can afford.  Give until you are stretched and prepared for personal growth!

2.  Give God your best, not the leftovers. I know a lot of people are probably considering making their donation AFTER the holidays – after all bills are paid and gifts are exchanged!  We encourage you to give God the first and best.

3.  Try to out-give God.  Give and watch how God makes up the difference.  It is impossible to out-give our God.  He is generous.  In fact, God started the gift exchange in Creation when he GAVE us the Gift of Life.

4.  Never forget that we are stewards of God’s resources, not the owners. Everything we have is God’s.  We will have to give an account at the end of our life as to how we handled God’s finances.  Be a good steward – invest in God’s Kingdom via the local church.

Can’t wait to see how God is going to provide these resources so we can achieve some radical goals for 2010.

Hey, and if you are not part of The Point we welcome a Christmas Gift.  Just click the DONATE tab on the top-right of this website!  Join the effort!!!

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