Broken Record

Sunday was the first time, as the Lead Pastor, that I had to cancel a service.  But our team got creative and we held a live stream from my living room.  I was the camera man … technician … and teacher.  Yep.  17 inches of snow and unplowed roads caused me to figure it out as we went.  And figure it out we did.

We held a 9 am test run with our Staff and divided the assignments:

* Nick – placed the scriptures and references in the chat box.
* Micki – “Amened” and posted links to the website.
* Katherine – gave updates about Kids program
* Anthony (not a paid staff member) – welcomed every person that joined the chat.

What a GREAT team we have @ The Point!  Couldn’t run the church w/0 this amazing team!

What was the result?  97 people watched our live stream – 56 @ 10:30 am & 41 @ 11:05 am. This does not include families that logged in to watch together – and they did.  We were well over 100.  Amazing.  I love technology!!!

Thank you everyone that logged in and those that simply viewed the stream!!!

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