Have you ever read something and all of a sudden the lights went on?  That happens to me all the time when I am reading the Bible.  So often I either feel like I missed something or there is just so much to unlock in the Bible.  Probably a combination of both!

Today, I started a 30 day reading plan thru the Gospels (www.youversion.com).  In fact, I am going to challenge The Point to do the same thing starting this Sunday!  4 books of the Bible in 4 weeks!

I read the story of Zechariah and Elizabeth.  Love that story, but something caught me attention this time.  I knew that Zechariah went speechless when God told him that his barren wife would have a son, but I never realized how long he remained speechless!  Zechariah could not say ONE WORD for about 10+ months.  Wow!

God had showed him a vision of the impossible!  Something that no one thought could happen.  When Zechariah saw it he couldn’t tell anyone until they were determining the name (Luke 1:21-63).  What’s the first thing Zechariah does?  He worships God!  Because he could not speak again? No.  It was because he saw this 10 month old dream come to life!

Sometimes when God speaks to us it is so vivid that we couldn’t articulate it or even dare to tell a soul.  What if it doesn’t happen?  What will people think of me?

My prayer is that God would take us to a SPEECHLESS place – that we would experience the presence of God sharing with us a BIG TIME dream that is only possible with God.

Develop 2020 vision!  Let’s not make a new year resolution, let’s create a new decade revolution.  What will we look like in 10 years?

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