Critical Point: To Hear from God

What is the most important, or critical, point in pastoring?  Well, let me separate a myth.  It’s not knowing God – that is the role of every Christian.  I hope that pastors are Christians first!  Too often pastors ultimate goal is to be a pastor.  Not for me.  I love what I do.  But the priority of a Christian is to BE WITH Jesus.  Pastoring is something we do (our calling), but being a Christian is who we are (our life).

I believe the most critical point for every pastor is to HEAR from God!  To know beyond doubts that you are teaching what God has called you to.  To believe beyond hoping that you are leading your church in the right direction!

So how do we, as pastors, hear from God?

1.  First we must STOP and LISTEN.  If you rearrange the letters in the word listen you get silent.  We have to stop and wait on God.  To pray, fast and study God’s Word so that we know beyond all doubts!

2. Ask God to speak to us.  Too often we find ourselves talking!  It’s true.  Every pastor wants to be heard.  But often our words get in the way of the Holy Spirit’s words.  I need to hear from God every day of my life.  We are faced with so much – counseling, challenges, dreams, shortages – in people’s lives that we cannot speak out of our reserves, but out of our abundance!

I hope I never arrive at a place in ministry where I no longer pursue God’s Spirit in my life and ministry.  Hearing from God is my most critical need as a pastor!

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