Spiritual Regression

Through the years I have been in full-time ministry I have seen a lot.  Some things, as a person, you would rather not see or hear.  But I have seen them.

One of the toughest things for a pastor to see is spiritual regression in those who you have spent a lot of time investing in.  In biology, regression means to return to an earlier or less advanced state.  It breaks my heart to watch people that were once on fire for God – serving him with every once of strength – to go backwards.  It’s almost as if they have a relapse, spiritually.  Man, that ticks me off!

For some reason I have been looking back on ministry.  Reflecting on places and people.  I have found myself praying hard for people who have kind of “lost it” spiritually.

Move forward.  Never settle for average.  Pursue God.  Challenge yourself to growth.  Don’t rely on a church, pastor, parent, spouse, etc. Find God.  Stay true to him.  Come back to him.

I have made my “mental prayer list.”

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