Weekend Reflections

Wow.  What an amazing weekend at The Point.  You can feel the energy in the theater every single Sunday.  I love being there.

* Service started 10 minutes early with Christina and Paul free sparring.  Set the stage for our Get Fit: Physically teaching.

* Worship was amazing as usual.  We have one of the best teams.  It’s true!

* Nick brought a great teaching on Physical Fitness.  The Bible compares the church to the body.  Church and Body are both to be healthy – healthy things grow.

* PointKids reached a ***new record*** attendance.  We need to get the 2nd theater.  It would cost another $10,000 per year.

* The Point reached a January Sunday attendance record and our attendance since April 09.

* We had a load of guests.  In fact, when the service began 50% of the attendance must have been guests.  I loved it.

* Our offering has been in a slump.  This week was no different.  Thank God we received some unexpected donations during the week.  God will always make up the difference.

* Our volunteer teams may be some of the best.  Host Team is doing an amazing job.  Set-up/Worship/Audio-Visual is at peak.

It is so awesome to see The Point growing.  Love the passion of our people.  Love the presence of God in a theater.

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