It is wrong for church to be boring

Boredom.  I hate it.  I love the excitement that activity and authenticity builds.  One of our core values at The Point is “It is wrong for church to be boring.”  We are passionate about our people, our mission, our goals and our vision!  That comes across in every aspect of our church life.

How can we keep The Point exciting?
1.  Be consistent.  Large attendances always tend to create an atmosphere of excitement.

2.  Invite your friends.  It pumps the church up when we see a load of guests.

3.  Share your passion in worship.  We serve an amazing God.  Show it.  Give full participation in the worship experience.

4.  Say YES when we ask you to do something crazy.  We try and do creative things all the time.  Free up your sched so you can participate in our videos, in service experiences, etc.

5.  Laugh at Todd’s jokes.  I know this is hard to do.  My jokes are terrible.  Just laugh.

Share the excitement of The Point this week with someone, everyone!

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