Scratch >> Its time to start.

(Excerpt from “Scratch” – freshman release)

Have you ever had an itch in an unreachable place?  It’s that hard to get to part of your body that you try and try to relieve the frustration but it does not work at all.  It’s almost as if the itch moves!  You finally connect with it and then it relocates – it moves around with uncertainty.  You nail it and then like a bad dream it shows up in another place.  You can’t escape it!  It’s there and it is growing in strength and severity.  You can alleviate an itch one day, but you it will come back.  It’s as routine as Monday mornings.  It happens with amazing regularity!

The only way to calm the itch is to do what?  Scratch it!

All of us have an itch deep within our lives.  We are searching for meaning and depth and significance in life.  That internal, spiritual itch has to be scratched.  You can ignore the itch.  You can fight the itch.  You can medicate the itch.  I simply choose to scratch it!  No matter what the source of the itch I don’t care.  I breathe therefore I scratch.  I recently had a battle with poison oak – it won!  Even though I new the source.  I still scratched.  I had no patience to wait for the calomine lotion to take effect.  I am scratching it right now!

What kind of itch are we born with?  It is the desire that God has placed deep within our hearts.  It is something that we can’t run away from – we can’t ignore it.  God has placed within our spiritual DNA an itch that has to be scratched.  This itch cannot be ignored.  It has to be scratched.  And because this itch is the God-plan for our lives if we run from it I promise you it will come back.

The greater the calling the deeper the itch.  When God infects you with his itchy will you will scratch and scratch and scratch.  I believe there are many people in the world who are fighting against the itch.  They try and ignore it.  They don’t want to scratch the itchy will of God, but it surfaces again and again.  But the will of God can’t be ignored.  It can’t be medicated.  It has to be scratched!

I have a confession to make.  I have an itch!  It’s a big time dream that God has placed in my life and heart.  It seems like the more I scratch it the stronger it becomes.  It’s annoying at times, exhilarating at other times and overtakes my thoughts most of the time.  God has placed an itch in my life.  What is it?  In the pages to follow you will read about my itch.

Do you have an itch?  An eager desire to do something of significance?

Let’s scratch it!

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