Dealing with Death

One of the most challenging moments for any Christian, church or pastor to experience is death.  Why?  It’s a mystery.  But it is still part of the life process.  Its the one most of us don’t like at all.  I know I don’t.  But you can’t avoid it.

When a young person passes from this life that is tough.  This morning I received a call at 4:30 am informing us that a dear friend had died.  Abigail is a 19-year old girl filled with so much life and love.  She struggled with her health for some time.  She had already survived one heart transplant and was in desperate need of another.  Abigail did not find a heart, but today she finds herself in the presence of God.  I am so excited about that, but still in shock.  My thoughts, tears and prayers are with Skip & Amy – dear friends of ours and part of our church family.

So how do I deal with the death card?

1.  Trust in God’s plan.  I don’t have all the answers, but I do believe God has a plan.  Often we cannot see it.  In fact, most times we can’t see it.  But I must trust in something – so God is the best place to put our trust.

2.  Ask God why?  Because I don’t have all the answers I am still compelled to ask God why.  It’s not wrong to ask.  Just look at the life of Job in the Bible and you will see a life filled with questions.

3.  Look to the future.  When someone dies who is a believer we have HOPE.  One day we will see them again.  This is what truly pushes me forward.

Death sucks.  I am not going to lie.  But it is part of the life process.  I am filled with sadness and grief.  But I have felt the comfort of God today.

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