Well, it has been a long week for me.  This is the first time I am literally on the computer since Tuesday.  After an extremely long stretch of ministry I was excited about my Tuesday Sabbatical.  Things took a different turn.  I became extremely lightheaded, loaded with nausea and my heart was racing.  I could not calm myself down so I found myself calling 911 and waiting for the EMTs.  I must say that they arrived within 5 minutes (love the N Lindenhurst Fire Department). I was alone with my two children.  This made it more scary for me.

My oldest, Malachi, calmly got the phone for me so I could call.  The coolest thing was that he was praying, “Jesus, heal daddy.  Jesus, help my daddy.”  He is the coolest kid ever.  He opened the door for the EMTs and watched his 15 month old sister while the EMTs worked on me.  What a kid!

Fast-forward 6 days and I am finally feeling about 80%.  Today I enjoyed my first meal.  I mean, I actually tasted it.

What have I learned over the last 6 days?

1.  I must trust in God at all times.  And I do mean all times.  I have been challenged this week but I have not lost faith, hope or vision.  My love and passion for God has grown.

2.  I must learn to be more compassionate.  I am not the most compassionate person in the world.  This has taught me a lesson.  I believe I will find myself being more compassionate and caring to those sick, hurting and struggling.

3.  I must learn to stop and rest.  I was on a whirlwind 8-day straight full blown ministry week.  This is not good for anyone.  And not good for our church.  I have always said that I want “He never stood still” on my tombstone. Today I would rather have “He did God’s Will.”  And sometimes God’s Will is SABBATH!

4. Whether it is instant or progressive healing it is still from God.  I am experiencing progressive healing.  I am living in Luke 5:17.  God is able to heal above and beyond our expectations.

I will dive back in to the office this week SLOWLY.  I am excited about getting back in to routine.  Can’t wait to wrestle Malachi!!!!

Special Thanks to my amazing wife, Mary.  She is so good to me.  And our entire church staff – could not have survived without this team.  And our church for your love and prayers.

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