It was 14 days ago today that I had to call 911 for myself.  Now, I am still not myself but slowly progressing little by little.  Thank God.  Still no answers from the Dr’s. But I serve the Master Physician and I am trusting him each day to get me back to 100%.

On Sunday I spoke for about 10+ minutes.  Trying to get back in the swing of things, but man was I exhausted.  Its funny every morning I am tired, but in the afternoon I seem to get the craze of energy.

What am I learning?

1.  Sometimes healing is a process.  I must be patient and enjoy what God is doing IN me.

2.  Focus on what matters the most.  Every second we live should be used to demonstrate his love.  I can’t take any minute or moment for granted.

3.  Clarity of life mission and passion.  I feel like this has fine-tuned my perspective.  Busyness can cloud our judgement, but when you slow down you can hear.  No noise.  No distractions.  Simply Him.

4.  Many times sickness can be a spiritual thing.  Crazy, but true.  I believe that God has GREAT dreams for The Point and our enemy will not sit silently by as we advance the Kingdom of God.  He is always dreaming of ways to defeat us.

Can’t wait to be back at max health.  Got some God-ideas and dreams for life, family and ministry.

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