New Normal

What is normal?  I have asked that question time and again.  You can use the law of averages to guestimate normalcy, but often normal is not as easy to identify.  Normal is different to each person.  What may be normal to you may not be normal to me and vice versa.  Normal is a best guess!

Being sick over the last few weeks has helped me develop this concept called NEW NORMAL.  It is about adjusting to your situations and context.  My normalcy over the last few weeks is big time different than the normal for the last few years.  So I am learning to live physically in this new normal.

But I also experience new normals spiritually.  My norm is not the same in the storm.  My spirituality increases almost like your testosterone during intensity.  You respond differently and aggressively.  My spiritual stamina has increased over the last few weeks.  I can’t go back because I have discovered a NEW NORM (and not the guys on Cheers).

Here’s my thought: Never settle for the norm spiritually.  Go after God aggressively.  Pursue Him with great passion.  Once you are stretched never go back.

Enjoy the journey of new normals.

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