What Motivates Me?

I love being active.  It’s true.  People have often asked me, “What drives you?  What wakes you up in the morning?”  Typically an alarm clock called Malachi.  Seriously, I am driven by my faith in God and my family.  But there are things that we get or see that motivate us even deeper.  I received an email this week.  Let me share with you a small portion.  This continues to motivate me.

From the current youth pastor at my home church:

“I am the youth pastor at Evangel Assembly of God in Williamsville NY. I understand that you used to go here back in the day. I know that I’ve never met you, but I have kept up with The Point church thru facebook and the church multiplication network. I want you to know that I am really impressed with you and your ministry, and that I showed a video from the AGTV site about the Point. I was using it to show my students that If God could call a kid from Evangel back then and use him to do awesome things now, then he will do the same thing right now in our youth group.”

Don’t you love those emails.  Thanks Dave for sharing.  This motivates me!!!

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