Radical Church

So if we want to be a RADICAL CHURCH then we have to look at the EARLY CHURCH.  The early church in the book of Acts gives us the best model for a growing a RADICAL church.

This great move of God’s Spirit started with 120 people who were DEVOTED to Jesus and in Acts 2 were filled with the Holy Spirit.  On this first day of their church 3000 people came to faith in Christ!

Wow.  How awesome would that be?  Imagine next Sunday 3000 people showing up for one of our services and becoming followers of Christ!

But this story gets better.  Acts 2:47 (NIV) tells us, “The Lord added to their number daily.”  That means at least 365 new people every year! Some have estimated that the early church in Jerusalem had 100,000 members in 25 years – half the size of the entire city.

No ministry paradigm, strategy, great volunteer team or dynamic staff can replace the power of God’s Spirit – we need to be filled the power of God’s presence if we are going to be a RADICAL CHURCH!

God make The Point a RADICAL CHURCH filled with your Spirit and embracing your cause!

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