"If there's someone I can talk to"

Today was an amazing day at The Point.  Worship was off the hook and the message seem to connect with a lot of people.  It was week 2 of our SCARS Teaching Series.  We learned about “Letting Go.”

Here’s some learnings from today:
1.  Your pain becomes a platform for ministry.
2.  Your hurt becomes an opportunity to help heal others.

Someone came to me after the service and said, “If there is someone you know that I can talk to I would love to speak with them.”  This was shocking.  Especially when I asked if they would share their story on a Sunday and they said, “Yes.”

Here’s the cool thing.  This individual told me that every time they are at The Point and I am teaching it is like “God is speaking directly to me.”  That’s why I do what I do.

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