Life get’s busy.  I understand.  Trust me.  We hate it when people miss church.  Why?  Because People Matter. It is so true.  Never underestimate how important consistency is.  We notice when you are not there.  The truth is our church is not the same each week.  Sometimes we have a totally different church from week to week.

Did you know that there are 10,080 minutes in every week.  A Sunday service at The Point is 65 minutes.  That equals .644% of our week.  Wow.  That changes my perspective on how a little over 1/2 percent can empower and equip us for that week.  I know how important being consistent is – do your best to schedule The Point in each week.  I know you can’t make it every Sunday – family obligations, work, like etc – but we should aim for our best!

Church Matters.  Why?  Because it should make a difference in our outlook and perspective.  Yes, but more than that.  It is a corporate connection to Christ.  Wow.  That is amazing.

Join us this Sunday as we celebrate for .644% of our week … and let’s kick it up a level.

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