Creative Firsts

Today was a unique day at The Point.  Great attendance.  Awesome worship experience (Thanks Dave & Team).  Sound was great (Thank Dave G).  New lighting is amazing (Thanks Eddie)!  That’s cool stuff that enhances the experience.

We were talking about HONESTY today.  I shared 7 things that distract us from being honest.  At the second I introduced the 1st distraction Thing 1 & Thing 2 (Thanks Carolina & Julissa) ran through the audience, spraying sill string and distracting everyone. It was soooo distracting!  They even took a shot at me and flooded me with multi-colored silly string.  No one remembers those 7 distractions, but that was the lesson.

Why try something like this?
1.  People remember.
2.  More people become part of the sermon.
3.  You catch people off guard.  You break the routine.
4.   People start wondering, “What will take place next week?”
5.  Laughs.  Our church had a “fun” experience in church.

Churches must mix it up.  What is the sister of boredom?  Routine.  Keep people on the edge of their seat wondering, “What will take place next?”

Here’s the cool thing:  God was there. In this middle of the distractions and confusion God was present in our theater.  You could sense Him there.  Man, that never gets old.

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