Blogging and Journaling

I have always been an advocate of journaling.  I have written prayers, dreams and secrets to God for years.  Blogging has become a new habit of mine.  I have done it since 2007 (ever since we launched The Point).  Both have become part of my weekly routine.  I don’t do either every day – that gets pretty boring for an ADDHD guy.  ADDHD, what’s that?  Attention Deficit Disorder in High-Def!  That describes me!

Journaling is a personal thing.  It is thoughts and prayers that I seldom share with anyone.  It’s private.

Blogging is a public thing.  The writings are things that I want to share with everyone!

Why do I write?

1.  I want to pour out my heart to God, undistracted!
2.  I want others to learn from my experiences!
3.  I want to leave behind something for my children.
4.  I want to impact more than just those I know face to face.

My goal in life is to “live a life worth writing about.”  Will someone want to write about my life?  My family? My ministry?

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