Creature of Habit

I have always found myself to quickly fall into habits.  It is the way I organize and structure my life.  It keeps me in check.  It also allows me to monitor my progress.  Habits are part of everyday life.  When we wake up.  How we determine our clothes.  The breakfast of choice.  Our work-style.  Everything we do is in some way attached to a habit.

Here’s the problem with habits:  We can work, minister and love without real passion.  We can memorize the meaning out of worship songs.  We can analyze until we are paralyzed.  We can work with habit instead of heart.

One of my life mantra’s has always been “change it up.”  Don’t fall into the trap of routine or boredom.  It will hurt you in every area of your life.

A routine marriage, career choice, educational pathway or spiritual disciples can become boring.  Look for new ways to enjoy each of those things!  They are vital parts of our lives – enjoy them!

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