I am still amazed at the teaching ability of my wife, Mary.  She was so articulate and precise yesterday!  So many people came up and told me how much her teaching spoke to them.  But more people went to her – some in tears – sharing how they needed to hear that message.

Mary spent hours researching, praying and studying for yesterday.  It showed.  I am so humbled and honored to be her husband.  Way to go babe!  I am sooooooo proud of you!!!

Pastors – here’s my advice – let your wives speak (if they feel something stirring in their hearts).  They will touch more people because of the burning desire deep in their soul.  Most likely it will be fresh and better!

Here’s the thing: 1 year ago you would never get my wife in front of people to teach God’s Word.  God has stretched my wife.  I love it!

Someone actually came up in humor and called to her, “Victoria.”  I laughed.  For those of you who may not known Victoria is Joel Osteen’s spouse.

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