Posted by Todd Bishop on May 14, 2010 in Prayer

This week I attended the NY District Council of the Assemblies of God.  It was 3 days of refreshing and relational networking.  I needed it.  I love connecting with other pastors, especially church planters.  It was a GREAT week.

On Wednesday morning we had our “communion service.”  At the end Duane Durst, our Superintendent, asked people to come forward to be prayed for.  I rushed up there.  I needed healing.  I have been feeling amazing since.  Prayer is powerful.

James teaches that when we are sick we should “call for the elders.”  In the church, that would be your pastors.  As a pastor, that would be your spiritual leaders.  Man, when they prayed for me I felt God’s healing touch.  I am standing on that healing.

Love feeling God’s touch!  Can’t wait to teach on prayer this Sunday!!!

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