I love doing events that are LOW STRESS but provide lasting affects.  I think that The X Conference was one of those events that will leave a Kingdom Imprint for years to come.  Yesterday I felt in the “zone” – I am sure you have been there.  I have also done the events that are HIGH STRESS but little visible fruit.  Those are tough to handle!

X would not have been possible without so many who helped make it happen:
* Freedom Chapel – for hosting our event.
* Teen Challenge – for providing workers.
* All our Guests – Mike Bartel, Nathan Grubb, National CineMedia, Next Level International, The Leadership Summit
* All our SpeakersMark Batterson, Nelson Searcy, Buddy Cremeans, Joel Hunter, David Nuzzolo & Steve Pike.

But all of that would be impossible without the support of The Point.  We are a church that is build on a God-dream.  It is a vision of what could be.  “God, give us a larger vision,” is my prayer today.  To all of our volunteers THANKS WILL NEVER BE ENOUGH!!!!!!  To our staff YOU ARE ALL WAY TOO AMAZING!!!!  I am so humbled and honored.  God is amazing.  I am only as good as those around me.  Real leaders deflect the praise to those they lead.  I love leading The Point.

I would not be able to do what God has called me to with MARY, my amazing wife.  I am better because of You.  Thanks for letting me do what God has called US to.  I love ya BIG TIME!!!!

Thanks God.  We already spoke this morning – you know my heart!

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