Prayer A.D.D.

I have a confession to make my prayer life is sometimes ADD.  I mean how true is that?  Let’s break this apart – Attention (Focus) Deficit (Shortage) Disorder.  Our prayer life can become more of a FOCUS SHORTAGE!  It’s not necessarily a passion shortage.  I love Jesus, but sometimes, if I am honest, I get distracted during my prayer life.  The kids need to get to school.  I need to spend time with Mary.  Laundry awaits (by the way – I like doing laundry). I must cut the grass.  I have to meet with this person and that person.

How do we fight focus shortage?

1.  Pray all the time.  Try not to see prayer as a time of day, but make it part of the entire day.

2.  Change it up.  Don’t get stuck in routines.

3.  Pray BIG prayers.  Because they keep us on our knees and they force us to have a raw dependence on God.

4.  Share your prayers.  That way when the answer comes people will know it and you can celebrate with others.

5.  Get an accountability partner. Don’t go through your prayer life alone.  Have someone help you stay focused.

Simply fight the urge to NOT prayer.  I would rather prayer focused, but sporadic prayers then to not pray at all.

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