Selfish Dreams

As I have been really trying to hear God’s Heart for my life, family and church I have had to wrestle with God-Dreams and Selfish-Dreams.  Crazy but true!  I have a big time desire to do something for God – something that is larger than me, but I have to make sure I do not become the focus of my dreams.

Here’s some rules about dreaming:

1.  Dreams should not be competitive.
Real dreams for God must be based on Him alone and not what someone expects or because of what someone else is doing.   This happens way too often.  Comparison is only done by the foolish (2 Cor 10:12).

2.  Dreams should be holy.
Every dream should be birthed and bathed in prayer.  This is a non-negotiable.  Leaders cannot grab a dream because it is a fad or the cool thing to do.  Dreams should be holy from God.

3.  Dreams should have a goal in mind.
Dreams are more than generic.  People do not follow the generic – that usually leads to confusion.  People follow a specific leader with a specific vision.

4.  Dreams must be transferrable.
If your goal is too complicated or confusing people may not follow.  Make it simple and clear (Hab 2).

5.  Dreams should be bigger than you.
Chances are if God really tells you to try or risk something you probably are not able to do it.  This definitely reveals a God-dream.  If you can do it or it is for your own gain then it will be easily attainable.

6.  Dreams should not cost your faith, family or friends.
Dreams will always cost something!  Especially if they are God-sized, but these dreams never cost your relationship with God and those closest to you.  Be careful what you sacrifice in the name of a dream.

7.  Dreams are not easily distracted, derailed or destroyed.
Shortly after our 1st anniversary at The Point at Westbury a “friend” came up to me and said, “We all wished The Point would have been 300 by now.”  How hurtful!  This was the first time I felt the “pressure” of pastoral colleagues to succeed.  A dangerous and hurtful place.  Needless to say my relationship with that person changed.  Why?  They were “unintentionally” trying to derail the dream.

8.  Dreamers associate with other dreamers.
Dreamers are inspired by other dreamers.  I love hearing about what Mark Batterson is doing in DC.  It inspires me.  I love hearing about what Buddy Cremeans is doing in Upstate NY.  I have been privileged to surround myself with BIG TIME dreamers.  They inspire & motivate me to dream!

One of the biggest dreams I had was launching The X Conference.  This was a huge dream.  It was something that had really not been tried on Long Island.  Just about 3 weeks ago we had our first ever conference.  What was the result?  191 pastors/leaders representing 73 different ministries reaching about 15,000 people in their churches.  Wow!

I never want to stop dreaming.  What is one of your dreams?

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  1. Katherine says:

    Dream- an aspiration; goal; aim…. I am so honored to serve along side of someone who is not afraid to go after GOD GIVEN aspirations, to shoot for goals that others deem impossible, and to aim for God’s best not only in his life but in the lives of those around him. You have no idea that impact that you have had on so many lives (including mine- side note- I probably would not be alive today had you not invested in me). Thank you not only for DREAMING GOD DREAMS but for ENCOURAGING others to dream without fear of failure b/c with God ALL THINGS are POSSIBLE!!!!

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