Prayer Mantras

The Lord’s Prayer in Matthew 6 is mantras … it’s a guide … mantra’s are slogans – repetitions that bring focus and direction.

Think about some of the mantras in Matthew 6:

  • Not my will, but your will – most Christ-followers pray this prayer, but few I think really mean it.
  • Provide for us – food, clothing, income, health – yep this is included in most of our prayers.
  • Forgive Us – do you breath?  Yes we do.  That means we are all in need of forgiveness.
  • Lead Us & Direct Us – no one wants to be out on their own.  Too often we ask God to bless what we are doing instead of being a part of what God is blessing.

That’s a simple summation of the Lord’s Prayer.

Let me give you some of my Prayer Mantra’s:

  1. At the end of most of my prayers I will say, “Lord, help me to honor you in all I say, do and think.”  It’s a simple one, but at the end of my prayer time it helps me focus on what matters.
  2. When I think of my amazing wife, Mary, I pray, “God help my eyes to only be for my wife.”
  3. When I pray for my amazing kids I ask God, “To make them His voice to their generation.”
  4. When I pray for The Point, I typically ask God to “pour out His Spirit on every person so that we can achieve our divine purpose & shake Long Island for God.”

How do you pray?  Repetitions give us focus.  Find the things you value and create some prayer mantras.

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