Shift Happens!

SHIFT.  We all experience seasons of change and shiftings in our life.  There is no way around it.  It is part of the human experience.

Personally, shift comes in a variety of ways.  The shift from single to married!  The shift from married to married with kids.  The shift from college to the work environment.  The shift from job to job.  The shift from kids at home to kids at school.  The shift from single children to watching your kids get married.

But the greatest shift happens when we walk out of our sinfulness and into the righteousness of God.  That takes place the day we fully surrender our lives to Jesus.  This shift just doesn’t happen … something draws us from something and then to something.  It is the Spirit of God at work in our lives (Rev. 22.17).  I guess you could say that the Holy Spirit makes shift happen.

How has your life changed or shifted since you started your relationship with God?  If you think about it you will discover so many.  They have not been on accident.

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