Leading Toward Change

I have met a lot of leaders who pray their guts out but have never found the key to their community.  They love God, but for some reason they have little connect with the community they are a part of.  Earlier this year I asked our staff asked a tough question – “If we closed today would Westbury care?  Would they notice?  Would they beg us to stay open?”  The answer was ——— NO!

My heart sank.  Our staff was stupified.

So we began a strategy for reaching out with intentionality.

Here’s what we did:

1.  We had our 1st ever large scale community outreach – Easter @ Eisenhower.  Eisenhower is the largest park in Nassau County and only 5 minutes from our Sunday location.  We had carnival games, an Easter Egg Hunt, pictures with the Easter Bunny and inflatables.  Approximately 500 people showed up.  I did not know 99% of them.

2.  We are partnering with the Band Department at Westbury High School to raise some much needed resources for their 2010-2011 programs.  We are sponsoring the purchase/design for all drink cups for the football teams home games.  All proceeds from those purchases are going directly to the Band Dept.

3.  We will be providing lunch for our Town Hall.  In August, we will be sponsoring a lunch for the staff at our Town Hall.  Simple and easy.

4.  We are doing our Back To School Giveaway by adopting Park Avenue Elementary School by providing backpacks and school supplies for the entire school (730+ students).

We are considering a few things:

1.  A free concert at Eisenhower Park in October.

2.  A Halloween Event.  Still considering this one.

3.  Launching a coffee house in Westbury (comparable to Starbucks)

4.  ESL classes.

I believe in praying our guts out, but we must also work our guts out!  It is not about just who is in the church – it is also about those outside the church.

How do you “lead toward change.”

First, you as the leader must commit to change.  You must change.  If the leader is not growing the church is not going.  You may have to change your style or ministry options or even your position.

Second, you have to reveal what change will look like.  Change for change sake get boring.  Changing for a cause is life-altering!  Help people to see what you see.

Third, you must never be comfortable.  God called us to be content, but that is largely different than comfort. The moment in life when we embrace comfort we will neglect change!

What part of your life must change?  What part of your ministry must change?

In order to reach our communities it all starts with internal change so we can see external change in our communities.

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  1. Katherine says:

    I think we’re really working on changing that answer to without a doubt… YES they would beg us to stay open, and I think it’s because we have developed a LOVE for our community. I cannot wait for the crazy opportunities that are coming our way just because we are willing. CHANGE is GOOD… and NEEDED… I’m glad that one of the desires of our church is to see lives CHANGED by the LOVE of JESUS!!! =)

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