Father's Day Reflections

I am so amazed and humbled at being a dad.  It is not an easy job but it is one of the best jobs in the whole world.  I received a few gifts yesterday, but the best gift I got was kicking back at home with my family doing NOTHING!  Yep.  What a day!  We played video games, watched a movie and had dinner together!  It cant get any better than that!  I love my family – I love my life!

Malachi & Abigayl are not “tax-deductions” or “staff for house-cleaning” – they are my legacy.  They are gifts to be cherished and valued.  Long after Mary and I are gone they will be here.  What we teach them now they will live in the future.

An evangelist said, “What one generation allows the next generation enjoys.”  Be careful what you allow into your home – guard your values – protect your family!

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