What do you invest in?  Have you ever thought about that without thinking about cash?  Most people invest their finances into something that will have a good return, but a smaller group invest their lives into something that makes a difference beyond cash flow.  There are some that invest in a cause!

Investing forces decisions.  If you make a poor financial decision it could mean economic collapse.  If you make wise financial decisions it yields a much larger return.  But decisions have to made as to WHERE to invest.  The same is true of your time!

Recently I had to make a decision.  It was a tough one.  I have been asked to do a lot of things lately, but not all of them are part of the cause I am called to.  So I made the decision to prioritize my life towards my greatest investments.

So here they are (in order):

  • My greatest cause is my personal life with God.  If I don’t invest in that daily the rest of my investments will fail.
  • I am called to my family.  I want Mary and the kids to know that I am working as hard for them as I do for anything else.  In fact, even harder.
  • I am called to The Point.  I love my church.  I love that this investment is paying off.  Over the last 3 weeks nearly 30 people have made decisions for Jesus.  What an investment!  My church is part of my family.  I am always available to them.  In fact, most have my cell phone #.
  • I love hanging/coaching/helping church planters.  This is a deep passion of mine.  I want to invest in the great way to reach people with the love of Jesus.  So I invest time in that.  A lot of time.
  • I love training leaders.  It is amazing to know that I can connect local leaders with others who are doing it and doing it well.  I am committed to helping resource and equip leaders in the NY metro area.  That’s why I started The X Conference.

I have learned to say, “NO,” to some things that are distractions from the causes I am called to.  I have walked away from opportunities and events that do not contribute to the above.  I am investing in my calling.

Are you investing in your call?  Or have you made some poor investments?

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