Life often throws us some pretty big curveballs.  I have had my share.  It is how you respond to the challenges of life that will determine the impact of your life.  We have to make adjustments.

This year we attempted to provide a FREE lunch this summer for the entire staff at our Town Hall.  They declined the opportunity.  Did I say that it was FREE.  I was shocked.  A lunch to say, “Thank You.”  It was that simple.  That day we decided to pass on the curveball and wait for another pitch.  So we offered the same option to the Westbury Fire Department – they accepted.

What an opportunity!  We will be able to serve nearly 100+ volunteer fire fighters this August as part of our SERVOLUTION summer.

This was a great adjustment!!!

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  1. Katherine says:

    August may end up being my FAVORITE month ever at the POINT I cannot wait to serve our community…. Opportunity to be Jesus with skin on— it’s gonna be great!!! 🙂

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