New Challenge

I love trying new things.  But I want those new things to be a challenge.  If it is something so attainable its not a new challenge its just a new thing.  The truth is I never really liked trying new things before I met Mary.  I was attempted the safe things – you know, the things you are already used to.  I guess you could say I loved the comfort zone of life.

Never really at fish (except frozen fish sticks) until I was in San Andreas, Columbia and ate the most amazing Red Snapper ever (well, it was my first).  Now fish has been on the weekly diet plan.  Fish is my new steak.

Never knew what love was until I got married.  Now almost 9 years later I am falling in love with the most amazing person in the world – my wife, Mary!

I did not truly understand God’s sacrifice that He made when Jesus dies for my sins until I had children.  Wow.  God must love us BIG-TIME to have given His only Son for us.  I could never do that.

Never really knew what it mean to trust God until we started The Point.  Not knowing what was going to happen as we launched the new church and certainly having to trust that God’s plan was going to work.  Still in trust mode.

Today, I am starting a new challenge.  It’s a big one for me and Mary – we are doing this together!  Can’t wait to see what God teaches us over the next 10 days!

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