Baptism: Event or Experience?

When we first started The Point we decided that we would make “spiritual memories” for people as they progress toward God.  That’s why we try and make Water Baptism a spiritual experience for those going public with their faith.  Water Baptism should be more than an event it should be a celebration of what God is doing in people’s lives!

How do you make Water Baptism an experience?

  • Make it memorable.  Help people feel like this was special.  That’s why we make it THE event of the month – if not the year!  We cancelled our services on July 4th to hold the most explosive baptism at Lido Beach.  People will remember that we made it a priority!
  • Make it unique.  Find ways to be creative with Water Baptism.  Avoid routine and predictability.  Baptizing people in the Atlantic Ocean is a truly unique experience.
  • Make it a celebration.  Have fun.  The church that plays together stays together.  Don’t just do a baptism – make it the biggest bash of the year.  People are going public with their faith.  Party!
  • Make it visible.  Public places are great ways to kick into faith sharing moments.  Lifeguards want to know and the people just watching want to know – “What the heck is going on?”  Put Water Baptism in the very place of people’s lives!

Can’t wait to see several of my friends GO PUBLIC tomorrow in Water Baptism.  I am so happy that I get to do what I do.  It’s the best job in the whole world!!!

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